Colombian Coffee Beans

Our finest Colombian Coffee Beans, darkly roasted to perfection. Little Colombia is a versatile coffee that is used by many Baristas to create amazing tasting coffees.

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American Blend

A blend of Central American and Brazilian coffees giving a strong nutty taste as favoured in the USA.

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Swiss Water Decaf

Swiss Water® dark roast decaffeinated ground coffee is a strong bodied, low acidic coffee for any time of day.

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Hazelnut Flavour

Our Hazelnut flavoured coffee has a blissful nutty aroma that is mellow and slightly sweet tasting. A great tasting smooth rich nutty flavoured coffee for all the nut lovers out there.

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Little Decaf Espresso Coffee Beans

Our little decaffeinated espresso coffee beans are premium flavoured but without the caffeine. These decaf coffee beans also have the added benefit of a great aroma and a full flavoured taste that you can enjoy any time of the day.

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Breakfast Blend Coffee Beans

Our traditional Breakfast Blend is suitable for those who prefer a mild coffee. A mixture of South American Arabica and a quality Robusta makes is great for espresso coffee.

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Christmas Nights Flavour

Christmas Nights Coffee has a smooth chocolaty taste with a hint of cognac. A medium strength coffee with a festive aroma.

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Brazil Santos Coffee Beans

Little Brazil Santos is a soft smooth coffee that is a light roast and is gentle on the palette. An excellent choice for those who enjoy milk and sugar in their cup.

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Little Blue Mountain Coffee

Little Blue Mountain blend is a combination of Central and Southern American Coffees. A light to medium roast coffee, with a subtle acidity and a smooth chocolate finish.


Little Italy Coffee Beans

Our premium Italian coffee is made from highest premium quality coffee beans. A freshly dark roasted Italian coffee with a sweet and balanced taste. Perfect for Espresso, Lattes and Cappuccinos.


Espresso Coffee Beans

Enjoy Little Espresso with a rich aroma and crema that makes a great cappuccino, latte or espresso.


Italian Blend

An intense dark blend made from only the finest coffee beans from the three major coffee growing regions of the world.


Fairtrade Ground Coffee Medium Roast

This sustainable fair trade blend gives a hint of sweetness and a rich aroma. A light to medium roast coffee that can be brewed in all types of coffee makers.


Premium Roast

Our Premium Roast Blends are a perfect addition to any restaurant, hotel, coffee shop, or bar. These blends are popular with inner city cafes and popular clubs that want to satisfy their customers. We only use top quality premium Arabica and Robusta which produces the essential aroma and high class taste.


Amaretto Flavoured Ground Coffee

Curl up with our velvety amaretto flavoured ground coffee. A medium roast coffee with sweet notes and all the richness of amaretto liqueur.


French Vanilla Flavour Coffee

Our French Vanilla flavoured ground coffee is blended to perfection with a sweet vanilla aroma. A medium roast coffee that can be served hot or cold and enjoyed any time of the year.


Cinnamon & Hazelnut Flavour

Our spicy Cinnamon & Hazelnut flavoured ground coffee is the perfect mix for all our Cinnamon lovers out there.


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